Being a programmer isn’t just about sitting in front of a monitor and coding all day. It would not be an exaggeration to call it a special way of life. Today we will tell you what opportunities will open before you if you decide to make programming your profession.


Programming is easy!

1. High salary and demand

You probably expected to see this item first on the list of pros of being a programmer. Agree, when choosing a profession, you need to focus not only on your desires and abilities, but also on the material side of the issue.

And programmers are needed today more than ever. It is enough to go, for example, to HeadHunter and make sure that upon the request “programmer” or “developer” in Russia, the system gives out more than 11 thousand vacancies, and the salary in half of the options starts from 50,000 rubles, and in another quarter – from 100,000 And this is a fork of salaries for novice programmers. First you are looking for a job, and when you become an experienced specialist, the job – and the salary is much higher – is already offered to you.

It’s no secret that the work of IT specialists is paid very well. Novice programmers can earn as much as established professionals in another field. In many ways, the salary depends on the chosen direction, language. On the GeekBrains website, when choosing a course, you can see the average salary by profession and the demand.


2. A special approach to organizing the workflow in IT companies

As a rule, in IT companies there is much less bureaucratic and corporate hell. If you choose programming, you are unlikely to have to sit from 8 am to 5 pm under the watchful gaze of your boss, with a tie tied and a shirt buttoned to all the buttons.

The environment in which we operate is gradually changing – and largely thanks to the IT industry.
Free style of dress, flexible working conditions, open-plan office space have become the norm.

Work has become more fun. You will hardly surprise anyone with free snacks and coffee in the office, but this is a small but nice bonus. Entertainment at work is also a norm: in modern offices you can see game consoles, musical instruments, exercise equipment.

There are also a little strange stories: for example, in China, it has become fashionable to hire beautiful girls for a company, whose work duties include communicating with programmers. As it turned out, this has a positive effect on their productivity. Such situations are more likely an exception to the rule, but on the whole the message is clear: in IT companies they take care of their employees and try to make their life as pleasant as possible.

3. Ability to work remotely

If the very thought of having to go to the office every day seems terrible to you, that’s okay. In the IT sphere, they understood earlier than others: in order for a person to work well, he does not have to be tied to the workplace. If an employee is more comfortable working from home or, according to the common cliche, lying on a beach in Thailand, he will probably be able to find a suitable vacancy.

Freelance is another possible work format. You can independently control your workflow and workload. Take more orders when you have time or need money, less when you want to work in a relaxed mode. Or take on only those tasks that interest you.

4. It will never be boring and lonely

Another common stereotype: a programmer sits at a laptop all day, and nothing else happens at work. In fact, the code takes about 50% of the working time. The rest of the time is spent talking with colleagues and customers.

Another big plus (which not everyone will think is a plus): in this profession it is impossible to reach the ceiling. There is always an opportunity for further development and study of something new, re-profiling. Not only new programming languages ​​appear, but the scope of application of the acquired skills is also expanding. Relatively recent: big data, machine learning, data visualization. Programming is beginning to be applied in all fields of knowledge, from biology to history.

Therefore, if you want to remain a professional, you will have to study all your life. Being a programmer is not a choice for the lazy. On the other hand, if you are an inquisitive and active person, you will not be bored.

5. Programming is interesting

A programmer’s work is not limited to a set of incomprehensible symbols and commands on his computer. Everyone can find something according to their preferences: mobile development, front-end and back-end, systems programming, web design.

Programming is also an interesting hobby. You can pursue your projects in any area of ​​interest.
The most important thing is that if you want, you can and should learn to program. There are a lot of materials available for training: websites, lectures, textbooks. And now we will tell you more about one of these resources.